Pressure sensor for combustion analysis

Sensor QC34C

The industry benchmark for 9.9mm thermodynamic analysis sensors

The AVL sensor QC34C is designed for midrange engines, and features a 9.9mm mounting diameter. It is equipped with a built-in sensor identification (SID) for sensor data management (SDM).

This quartz combustion pressure sensor includes active water-cooling to ensure a long life and excellent thermodynamic behavior for robust, accurate results. Should the cooling system fail, this powerful engine development tool is designed to survive temperatures of up to 350°C.

A measuring range from 0 to 250 bar and an overload limit of 300 bar make this a highly sensitive indicating sensor. Shock resistance of 2,000 g and an operating temperature from -40 to 350 °C deliver a robustness that ensures reliability. Despite weighing just 15 g, this sensor is a comprehensive and versatile combustion analysis solution.

Scope of Supply

  • Sensor QC34C
  • Piezo-input cable CI41-1
  • Coupling CC41
  • Gasket SC20
  • Spare gasket SG20
  • Calibration sheet
  • Documentation

Article Number

  • TIGG1364A.01