Acoustic Engineering for Electrification

The experience of drivers and passengers in electric vehicles is quite different from current IC engine driven vehicles. As the masking noise of the IC engine is missing, more attention is placed on other noise sources like fans, pumps and power electronics. Additionally, new legislative regulations for the minimum exterior sound of electric vehicles opens up new fields for NVH development.

AVL Approach

Some years ago AVL started internal electrification R&D projects. Based on these experiences we were able to successfully implement various projects for our customers.

The main NVH topics for electric vehicles are:

  • Feedback for the driver to inform him about the current vehicle condition
  • Interior sound generation
  • Exterior sound generation to meet legislative regulations
  • Sound branding
  • Reduction of auxiliaries (fans, pumps, …) noise


NVH contributions for electrification support are:

  • Vehicle NVH analysis
  • Target sound definition
  • Sound quality assessment

In order to support our engineers during NVH development, AVL developed specialized NVH tools. These tools are designed and implemented under the lead of acoustic engineers to meet the engineer's needs. Please find a detailed description of our tools in the "Acoustic Engineering Tools" section.

Customer Benefits

As the sound pressure level in electric vehicles is quite low, there is plenty of room for sound engineering to provide the driver feedback about the vehicle's driving condition and to generate an interior noise that brands the vehicle and pleases the driver and the passengers. Based on AVL's NVH tools and AVL's experience from our internal and joint R&D work as well as customer projects we are very well prepared to support our customers.

Your benefits:

  • Experience from R&D and customer projects
  • AVL NVH tools supporting sound engineering
  • Modules for active sound generation for interior and exterior noise


Satisfied customers are the best evidence for successful projects and developments. The AVL acoustic engineering team has been performing customer projects as well as research projects for more than 40 years. Due to confidentiality reasons the published references for our work are limited – but this is part of our sustainable success.

Latest Project Examples

  • NVH Development of a range extender for pure electric vehicles (EVARE)
  • AUDI A1 E-Tron