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Affordable Climate Protection / Zero Impact Emission – The ICE as a Key Element

Presenter: Dr. Christian Martin - Product Manager Gasoline Engine Powertrain Systems Passenger Car, AVL List GmbH
Language: English
May 25, 2020 10:00 AM CEST   60 mins
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Global warming and thus CO reduction is in the centre of environmental discussions today. In addition, the public awareness on air quality is also more sensitive than ever before, not at least in metropolitan areas. Ever tighter emission standards require further development for the powertrain of the future. Due to the implementation of RDE in the current emission legislation standard, the air quality has already improved significantly and would have improved even more, if there would be less older vehicles in the field. Some discussions about post-EU6 resp. EU7 goes into the direction of an exaggerated emission legislation and contain the risk of a disproportionate cost increase especially with smaller vehicles, without an adequate improvement of air quality.

Independent from any emission legislation discussions, for AVL it is important to elaborate how far emissions can be further reduced from a technical perspective but focusing also on the required technology cost and development effort for a reasonable compromise between improved air quality and affordability.

Furthermore, the development of zero-impact emission demonstrator vehicles for beyond EU7 discussions illustrate possibilities how to tackle with currently non regulated pollutant emissions in a Gasoline- as well as a Diesel based powertrain. The main purpose of these developments is to be able to identify the potential of different emission reduction solutions and derive reasonable technology packages for the next upcoming emission legislation standards. Emission dedicated hybrid operation strategies, effective NH3 reduction and particulate filtration efficiency down to 10nm are among others the most relevant topics.

The prerequisite to measure ultra-low emission levels are advanced measurement system technologies providing high accuracy and appropriate resolution in order not to run into unacceptable high measurement system specific uncertainties that could influence the result significantly.
date and duration
May 25, 2020 10:00 AM CEST
60 mins