Towards agile software development and verification for ADAS/AD

Presenter: Klaus Fuchs, Michael Steindl
Language: English
October 23, 2019 4:00 PM CEST   60 mins
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The development of automated and autonomous driving is in full swing. New features are becoming increasingly complex, and traditional deterministic function development has become outmoded. On the one hand, processing of sensor data (perception) or trajectory planning leads to algorithm development by means of machine learning, while on the other hand, with increasing levels of automation, verification and validation are becoming ever more important. Fail-operational architectures must be implemented, connectivity is accelerating the need for security and safety, and new topics such as SOTIF (safety of the intended functionality) are creating functional safety challenges.

To manage all of these issues, a holistic approach is required for software development, with a development platform which offers the right combination of tools and enables the efficient application of process and method guidelines. An integrated and seamless development toolchain is needed which covers requirements, architecture, configuration, implementation, code generation and test management—all while being fully traceable. It also needs to fulfil the requirement of an integrated and seamless verification and validation toolchain, from test preparation to test execution.

This 60-minute webinar addresses all of these topics, with expert insight from AVL Software and Functions GmbH; Klaus Fuchs, Business Development Manager and Michael Steindl, Software & Functions Senior Engineer provide insights into solutions and approaches for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving development at AVL.
date and duration
October 23, 2019 4:00 PM CEST
60 mins