AVL CANLOAD Canister Conditioning System

The AVL CANLOAD pneumatic unit is designed for all standard applications based on butane/nitrogen or fuel vapor handling. It provides all required functions including individual valve matrix control, canister interface and mass-flow regulation.

AVL Approach

AVL CANLOAD systems constitute a state of the art test system by providing specific test solutions for a wide range and supporting standard certification up to individual R&D and durability testing.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Uniform and flexible system design for synthetic gas and fuel vapor testing
  • Substantially reduced expenses for installation and total cost of ownership
  • Improved flexibility, quality and reproducibility accelerating R&D processes
  • Look and feel user interface designed for simple operation and service-friendliness
  • MSR stand-alone architecture for independent and self-sufficient online test automation

Market Requirements

Current trends and future demands concerning alternative fuels and various drive concepts require adequate and flexible test systems.


System technologies

The AVL CANLOAD pneumatic unit is designed for all standard applications based on butane / nitrogen or fuel vapor handling. It provides all required functions including individual valve matrix control, canister interface and mass-flow regulation.

The elimination of volume between valves and canister combined with intelligent software functions, e.g. delay time evaluation and time based purge routines, etc., increases accuracy and repeatability.

Special designed mass-flow controllers provide free adjustable flow rates (within specified range).

The AVL dynamic gravimetric controlled loading control guarantees a constant loading flow [g/h]. 

It may compensate:

  • Temperature differences of butane
  • Temperature differences of fuel
  • Ageing of fuel
  • Different fuel types
  • Barometric pressure changes
  • etc.


A special calibration guarantees readings that are more precise than 0.5 % full scale and excellent long term stability.

Specific functions provide a highly dynamic purge flow for function corresponding vehicle driving cycles (e.g. FPT75). This function also provides customized purge flows and hybrid setups.

The specific purge module may also include automatic pressure drop analysis and a temperature evaluation of the canister.


The AVL fuel conditioning unit is designed for continuous fuel vaporization as result of temperature conditioning, fuel exchange and nitrogen injection. The standard stainless steel tank is based on a double-wall concept for temperature conditioning. An external water temperature conditioning unit prepares a continuous water flow around the fuel tank. 

The final isolation around the whole tank guarantees homogeneous temperature spreading. During online operation the system observes online pressure reading, fuel temperature and fuel level for advanced evaluation e.g. fuel consumption calculation, pressure control, alarm management and loading performance adjustments.


The AVL Evaporative Emission System has been specifically designed and developed to perform automotive evaporative emission tests. It also covers in particular the future requirements based on new driving concepts as well as new fuel mixtures. A special material selection and an adequate system design will guarantee reliable test data. This includes standard audit and certification test cycles as well as specific customized R&D processes and durability testing.

Operating together with the AVL VT/VV-SHED systems, it is sufficient for a complete facility - allowing the whole evaporative test procedure to be carried out, from canister conditioning and refueling to final emission data evaluation.

Automation interfaces for facility management or chassis dyno test cells and database server compatibility show the great integration potential of AVL evaporative systems solutions.

The AVL CANLOAD system is designed to be capable of operating unattended on a continuous basis (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week) with a fully automated data acquisition system and safety modules.

AVL CAANLOAD systems cover a wide range of applications for R&D tests or for certification purpose:

  • Component and R&D testing concerning tank and fuel delivery systems.
  • Alternative fuel vapor evaluation and testing, e.g. E5…E100.
  • Standard canister conditioning for vehicle testing.
  • ORVR-simulation modules supporting R&D.
  • Hybrid vehicle canister testing, e.g. dynamic purge functions.

The AVL equipment complies with all the latest regulations such as EPA, CARB, ECE and other regulations. Therefore, all technical specifications of the European Commission Directives and of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are matched or even exceeded.

Possible system extensions, consisting of

  • Fuel tank heating systems
  • Gas sampling systems
  • Gas supply systems for calibration and operation AVL CALGAS


Available Types

The following types of AVL CANLOAD evaporative emission systems are available:

    Single line butane canister conditioning system providing standard BWC procedures required for vehicle certification and diurnal testing
    Multi line butane canister conditioning system for standard BWC testing, canister conditioning and R&D tasks
    Multi line combined fuel-vapor / butane canister conditioning system providing standard procedures (BWC and GWC) required for vehicle certification, diurnal testing and R&D

All mentioned variations of the AVL CANLOAD system can be configured for different categories. The distinction is based on R&D level and customer specific requirements:

  • ORVR testing and simulation
  • Temperature conditioning
  • Alternative fuels Setup
  • Etc.