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E-motors illuminated

AVL Dynamic Torque Analysis

One innovative sensor to measure cogging torque, torque ripples, bearing forces and more

Today’s e-motor development is focused on higher efficiency and greater power density. However, delivering high power density can prove challenging with regard to the electrical and mechanical design of e-motors, which are generally more flexible than combustion engines. The mechanical components within the e-motor must therefore be designed to consider robustness as well as efficiency and performance.

Today’s measurement systems are still unable to provide a complete picture of e-motor performance and behavior. This is why we created the new AVL High Dynamic Torque Analysis System. With this system, you can analyze the highest dynamic torque while simultaneously gaining insights into lateral forces (X, Y), all within one sensor. We then offer a dedicated software toolbox to calculate high-speed measurement results and display them in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Our innovative solution has opened up completely new possibilities in terms of validating e-motors. It enables you to measure cogging torque, torque ripples, and bearing behavior and supports advanced inverter optimization.

Key Benefits:

  • Measure cogging torque and torque ripples at any rotation speed
  • Validate rotor and bearing concept design and balancing
  • Support for inverter controller optimization