Simulation Challenging Reality



CFD Simulation in a Multi-Domain Environment

AVL FIRE™ M is a multi-domain simulation software simultaneously solving non-reacting, single phase fluid flows, heat transfer and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries.


The Challenge

Model generation

  • How easy is it to generate a model?
  • Can multiple domains be meshed simultaneously without arbitrary interface connection?

Managing multiple domains and multiple materials

  • Am I able to treat multiple domains in a single model?
  • How can I handle heat transfer across multiple domains and domain interfaces?
  • Is there a consistent material property database accessible to me?

Investigating large numbers of designs

  • Is it possible to parameterize my model and to easily generate variants?
  • How can I analyze and judge all my simulation results?


The AVL Solution

AVL FIRE™ M is the solution for optimizing performance parameters of flow-carrying elements. It also allows accurate prediction of heat transfer between fluid and structure and thermal load of solid parts.

The software provides problem oriented, simple to use pre-processing solutions for geometries of all complexity levels. Multi-domain models are meshed in a single step. Domain interfaces are precisely maintained and do not require the generation of arbitrary connections.

The main program is fully parallelized for maximum computing performance. Besides flow simulation, heat transfer and temperature fields in solid parts can be calculated seamlessly. Easy access to a comprehensive material property database supports users in characterizing even very complex models.

AVL FIRE™ M models can be parameterized easily. Users can turn any input into a parameter. In minutes variants can be derived with the help of embedded DOE and a case explorer.

Simulation results are displayed multi-dimensional thus cause and effect of flow phenomena can be judged quickly and accurate. Automatic template based reporting is available and can be executed both online interactively and offline script based.


The Added Value

Compared to conventional CFD solutions AVL FIRE™ M provides:

  • Shorter processing time
  • Improved accuracy and performance of multi-domain solutions
  • Readiness to execute large parameter studies 
  • One tool for computing, visualization and communication
  • Access to CFD also for non-experts  

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The Framework

AVL FIRE™ M is embedded in the new common framework for all AVL CAE Tools, called AVL Simulation Desktop.

This offers a highly functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides common project and data management. It enables easy information sharing and supports interdisciplinary simulation tasks. Besides this key features provided by the framework are:

  • Input data plausibility checks
  • Parameter support  
  • Data pooling and sharing on different levels
  • Case explorer and design of experiment (DOE)
  • Material property database access
  • Job submission and monitoring

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