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AVL Webinar

AVL Load Matrix™- Increase your testing efficiency by reducing test duration and improve test quality

Presenter: Daniel Brameshuber, Harald Mayrhofer, Christian Schennach
Language: English
October 29, 2020 2:00 PM CET   60 mins
This webinar has already taken place.
On demand section
Load Matrix™ is a flexible and for all technologies adaptable solution which supports product development by combining many years of experience with several important development domains (like statistics, engineering, material science, chemical engineering and computational science) to ensure the best possible product results by using market and end customer usage relevant driving profiles.
Also, the Load Matrix™ is capable to ensure high accelerated validation of components as well as a target-oriented design.
Furthermore, AVLs Load Matrix™ toolbox has the possibility to calculate offline as well as online a huge number of time-based datasets from different vehicle or test bed measurements by using physic of failure-based damage models with less computing effort. This feature can be used for monitoring a predictive lifetime solution for durability/ reliability relevant components in future.
Also, a definition and adaption of operation strategy to increase component lifetime based on physical lifetime model can be possible.

The Added Value
● Target & Product Oriented development during all product development phases
● Individual & Unique solution to investigate design duty cycles, durability test cycles or programs to increase quality
● Universal & Adaptable for all powertrain elements and technologies usable. Also applicable for different requests
● Fast & Efficient computing damage or load models which have real time capability
● Consistent, reproducible results for different applications
● Flexible

Load Matrix™ for all phases and environments during the development process - from pre development to on-road vehicle testing - supports a frontloading approach and thereby has the possibility to reduces the number of test samples, prototypes and test duration.
date and duration
October 29, 2020 2:00 PM CET
60 mins