Ultra-Silent Performance and Precision

AVL NVH E-Drive Test System

Many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers use our expertise to empower them complete their Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) testing and engineering. Thanks to the extreme low residual noise level of our NVH test systems, we are able to provide a powerful environment for sound design on any e-drive.

In addition to its high-speed capability, our holistic vibration treatment system with an easy to handle Unit Under Test (UUT) rigging makes acoustic testing easy and efficient to meet modern development demands.

Our integration capabilities cover from single component via containerized solutions up to full integrated buildings. Easy and quick integration into your existing production and development environment guarantees fast installation and earliest testing usage. 

Key Benefits

  • Extreme acoustic performance, in line with modern NVH demands
  • Easy rigging and efficient testing to guarantee a streamlined workflow and high testbed usability
  • Highly integrated solutions as part of a self-sufficient “plug and test” container system