AVL PEMS Data Management Solution

As the number of vehicle variants that need testing and validation increases, the effective and efficient use, analysis and management of data is more important than ever. AVL PEMS Data Management Solution brings together our high-quality data products and proven methodologies to create a seamless approach to PEMS-based evaluation and certification.

Combining the power of the AVL M.O.V.E product for RDE testing with the benefits of the AVL CONCERTO M.O.V.E Data Toolbox, testing activities, automated analysis and reporting tasks are combined in a single workflow. It is flexible enough to work with third-party PEMS systems as well.

PEMS Data Management Solution™ also makes best use of historical data. This is thanks to our powerful AVL SANTORIN MX 2 ASAM ODS conform data management software, which takes care for data storage, transport, lifecycle management and automation. Where in the past useful data may have been under-utilized due to different file format and data siloes – or even could not be found anymore – our solution allows all data to be made available for your development and testing tasks. With our solution everyone involved in the process benefits – from the test engineers to the setup team, as well as the driver and the test lab manager.

This AVL solution is standardized and yet integrates into our existing work environment and IT infrastructure thanks to its easy-to-use APIs. We have put our experience in automotive engineering and testing into the solution to save time, manage complexity and reduce cost. Current and future legislation requirements can be easier met with this data management solution.