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AVL Motorsport Experts Given New Name and New Image

Press Release: AVL RACETECH - The New Name for Motorsport Expertise

From AVL RACING to AVL RACETECH. The global motorsport experts at AVL List GmbH go into the 2022 season with a new name and a broader portfolio. One eye-catching, distinctive feature of the relaunch is a new logo, which will now be prominent at motorsport events around the world – among the engineers at the racetrack, among partner companies, among the teams and series supported, and among the successful AVL RACETECH brand ambassadors.

Graz, Austria, March 2022: Motorsport has always been one of the most important platforms for technological progress in the field of mobility. As such, AVL List GmbH has been actively and successfully involved in all technical aspects of the sport for more than 20 years. The company’s motorsport department was established especially for this purpose. From now on, it will bear the new name AVL RACETECH, in order to clearly underline the fact that the 108 employees are working on and supplying technology for motorsport. The services on offer range from engineering, testing, testbed assembly and simulation, through to manufacturing. A new element comes in the form of a significant expansion of activities in the field of electrification and various hydrogen technologies. The Battery Innovation Center (BIC), opened recently at the headquarters of AVL List GmbH in Graz, also plays a major role here. The BIC allows the production of prototypes and small-batch production of the highest standard – perfect for all the demands of motorsport.

As well as the renaming, the image is also given an update. The logo now has a modern new design and is better suited to all applications in motorsport. This applies in particular to its use within collaborations with teams and drivers. “We have only had visible cooperations in motorsport since last year – and this is something we want to expand significantly. As such, it was important to have a logo that is as easy as possible for teams and drivers to use,” said Kathrin Kvas, marketing specialist in AVL’s motorsport department. AVL RACETECH currently works with customers in 17 international racing series and is represented in all the top formats. The technical expertise covers all drive types used in motorsport.

The AVL RACETECH brand ambassadors play an important role when it comes to spreading the word of the new presence. The quartet is led by Le Mans winner and FIA endurance world champion Ferdinand Habsburg. Columbian driver Tatiana Calderón is one of the best female drivers in the world and will race in the legendary IndyCar series in 2022. Aliyyah Koloc, the youngest truck racing winner in history, and talented young German Finn Gehrsitz also start with direct support from AVL RACETECH. This portfolio of drivers will be extended in 2022.

Ellen Lohr, Director Motorsport AVL: “Changing an established name is always something of a challenge. However, this is the right time to make that change. The old name sounded too much like a racing team. That limited people’s awareness unnecessarily. The new name AVL RACETECH shows clearly that our core areas of expertise are in motorsport technology. That expertise is now finally also featured in our name.”


AVL RACETECH, formerly known as AVL RACING, is the specialist global motorsport division of AVL and has been actively involved in all technical areas of the sport for over 20 years. AVL RACETECH works with customers in more than 17 racing series around the world, in the fields of engineering, testing, simulation and manufacturing. We are a key supplier for teams in the most respected racing series around the world, from Formula 1 and NASCAR to MotoGP, and provide state-of-the-art technology and services to the motorsport world. We believe in motorsport and use it as a platform for innovation. We transfer this know-how into road car development for future generations of mobility.

Kathrin Kvas, Marketing Specialist AVL RACETECH
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