Guided tour of AVL RACING facilities

Behind the Scenes at AVL RACING

Explore cutting-edge facilities of the motorsport hidden champion

AVL RACING brings together seven decades of automotive know-how and experience, and re-engineers it for the racetrack. Working with the world’s leading motorsport teams, we help them extract every ounce of performance.

We apply our vast knowledge and skill from component level right up to the entire vehicle. This helps teams shave off those vital seconds that mean the difference between a place on the podium and crossing the finish line a moment too late.

Most of the work we do is highly secretive and only few have seen inside our state-of-the-art facilities. Non-disclosure agreements, firewalls and a raft of security measures ensure our customer’s data is protected and our winning secrets remain safe.

Join us for a glimpse behind the curtain, on a guided video tour of our labs and research facilities, where we help the world’s top teams win races, faster.

From our testbeds to the crystal labs, meet the scientists and engineers behind the thrill of the race. From the smallest sensors, to the most powerful engines, we balance precision and performance, to get from pole position to first place quicker than ever before.