Get the optimum out of your Driveline

Load systems for Powertrain & Drivetrain Testing

AVL's modular Multi-Dyno-Systems ideally support road to rig and NVH testing, which results in a reduced development effort. Synchronous motors are used for high dynamic applications such as wheel slip and combustion engine firing simulation.

AVL Approach

The increasing performance range of modern engines demands for highly reliable state of the art dynamometers, which are equipped with high precision measurement devices. AVL dynamometers meet these requirements in an optimal way.

Benefits at a Glance

Reproducible test results under well-known constant environmental conditions.

Examples of use include:

  • Optimizing gear shift comfort
  • Optimizing control unit functions
  • Drivability testing
  • NVH testing
  • Recuperation
  • Drive maneuvers on various surfaces to validate the overall system behavior
  • Load cycle change testing (tip-in/back-out)
  • Realistic curving
  • Robust and service-friendly design