Calibration Engineering Services

The calibration business is driven by an increasing number of derivatives under the challenge of restricted emission and fuel consumption requirements and with the need to achieve the highest quality and time efficiency.


AVL Approach

As an independent partner, we cover the whole range from powertrain calibration for engines over transmission to hybrid solutions for all relevant concepts for passenger cars as well as for commercial vehicle side for SOP and beyond. AVL`s calibration process is used in combination with highly efficient tools handled by experienced calibration staff. We provide calibration know-how within AVL's global network in combination with high grade testbeds and facilities or onsite.

In particular we cover from concept to production:

  • Gasoline and diesel passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles (on- and off-road) and large engines
  • Exhaust aftertreatment
  • Transmission
  • Hybrid
  • OBD
  • Production SW development for control units
  • Benchmark projects
  • Efficient concept development and confirmation with rapid prototype control unit and software


Passenger Cars

Accurate vehicle calibration consists of determining the attributes of a car for fulfilling legislative standards and refining the car’s character to meet all the driver’s expectations for best drivability and comfort. Within AVL’s calibration services ranging from passenger cars to light-duty vehicles with all kinds of fuels, the latest calibration methodologies, advanced processes and optimization tools are applied.

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Commercial Vehicles

In order to fulfill emission legislation and its ever-tightening limits and requirements for reducing fuel consumption, the powertrain components need to be well synchronized and calibrated. AVL provides precisely tailored solutions and leading-edge technology for commercial vehicles, allowing to meet legislation requirements and cut development time and cost with a very high dataset quality.

  • On-Road engines
  • Off-Road engines
  • Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicles

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2 Wheelers

The emission standards for compact engines and 2-wheelers are constantly tightened, beginning to approximate emission limits of highly advanced passenger cars. AVL offers powertrain calibration for prototypes as well as SOP series calibration of small engines to deal with the performance requirements and meet the stringent emission standards.



Verifying the functionality and the durability when developing a new product is essential to fulfill the needs and expectations of customers. AVL provides all the calibration methods and tools that are needed to perfectly tune tractors and get the entire powertrain management validated and calibrated in a holistic analysis and evaluation process.