Pressure sensor for combustion analysis

Sensor GH15DKE-B

The industry benchmark in size M5 for R&D

The AVL sensor GH15DKE-B features an integrated adaptor and sealing rings, a special Double ShellTM design and thermally optimized piezoelectric crystal elements. It is an accurate and robust M5-size combustion pressure solution.

This indicating sensor is ideally suited to supercharged engines with high specific output. An elongated version of the AVL sensor GH15DK, it can be used within oil and water jackets without the need for an adaptor sleeve. The Double Shell design decouples the piezoelectric elements from the negative influences of mechanical stresses that can occur due to its mounting in the engine. Combined with its improved membrane material and geometry, the accuracy and robustness of this combustion sensor’s performance is increased significantly.

The sensor GH15DKE-B is built upon years of AVL engine development expertise to become the standard solution for research and development work. The cyclic drift of this powerful engine development tool can be improved by 0.4 bar using a thermo protection like PH08. Furthermore, this indicating sensor is equipped with built-in sensor identification (SID) for sensor data management (SDM).

Scope of Supply

  • Sensor GH15DKE-B
  • Piezo-input cable CI35-1
  • Coupling CC31
  • Accessory kit (protection cap + 2 spare O-rings)
  • Calibration sheets
  • Documentation


Article Number

  • TIGG1597A.01