HyTruck Kick-Off in Graz

The project kick-off for HyTruck took place in Graz at AVL Headquarters on the 5th of February.

HyTruck is a project funded by the Austrian government and has the objective to develop, build, calibrate and validate a heavy-duty fuel cell system including its key technologies to meet the requirements of commercial vehicles regarding power, efficiency, reliability and lifetime. The project consortium consists of several competent partners: AVL, DB Schenker, EI-JKU, EMT, EVN AG, FEN, FPT, HyCentA, PBX, Rosenbauer, Technical University Vienna, VKM, and WIVA. The project will run for 36 months with the fuel cell system concept available by end of 2019. AVL will be performing the coordination of the project as well as technical concept development of the fuel cell powertrain, including cooling, operating strategy, packaging and fuel cell system development.