Simulating PEM Fuel Cells for Stationary Applications

News from AVL's Virtual Fuel Cell Development

AVL supports the development and optimization of PEM fuel cells on both, cell/stack component and system levels, while enabling their virtual integration into the vehicle powertrain. The solution covers both, multi-physics 3D CFD and system level modelling and simulation.

Within the EU project GRASSHOPPER, ZBT developed a new PEM fuel cell stack for stationary applications adopting the multi-physics 3D CFD simulation platform AVL FIRE™ M. AVL’s long-term simulation software customer ZBT played a significant role in the design of the flow field and the sealing solution, as well as the sealing application itself. ZBT also supported the set-up of operating conditions between stack development and system operation. For these tasks, ZBT relied on the application of our proven 3D CFD software tool AVL FIRE™ M for various configurations, including single channel, 25 cm2, full-format cell related flow and multi-physics simulations.

The performance of the stack thus meets the ambitious expectations of an operation with 0.68 V at 1 A/cm2 defined in the project proposal. Furthermore, a stable and powerful operation within a wide variation of operating conditions has been proven.