Safe energy based on customer needs

Power Electronics

Control systems to deliver energy where you need it

As markets and legislation make HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs more commonplace, the technological demands are becoming greater. Longer driving ranges, shorter recharging times with high power charging, and reduced system costs are the industry’s current development goals. These must be achieved in a way that guarantees safe and secure operation of the electric vehicle.

At AVL we apply a modular and scalable approach to the development of power electronics solutions. From inverters to DC/DC converters and on-board chargers, we implement customer applications within a reduced development time.

A flexible design methodology delivers solutions for different applications, conditions and voltage levels. Additionally, form factors that support integration into the vehicle and different powertrain components, such as gearboxes, e-machines or batteries, are one of the highlights of our truly customizable offering.

Additional benefits include:

  • Safety guaranteed with conformity to ISO 26262 standards
  • In-house toolchain supports V-cycle development process
  • The AVL toolchain assures durability with our in-house simulation and power electronics testing solutions