We offer a Bachelor Thesis:

Setup of a virtual enviroment for the pre- calibration of safety critical functions in an early design phase


  • Develop a methodology for setting up a timing analysis simulation environment
  • Setup of timing model based on a real-world example
  • Identification of reaction chains (input fault → output reaction)
  • Analysis of contributing factors (e.g. which factor has most impact on the violation of the success criteria)
  • Proof of concept
  • Documenting results

Fields of study

  • Software engineering, Control engineering or comparable


  • Team spirit, strong analytical and problem solving skills, flexibility and good English
  • Simulation skills
  • Tool skills (e.g. Matlab Simulink)
  • Knowledge of calibration tools and processes is a plus


The successful completion of the thesis is remunerated with a one-time fee of EUR 1,700 before tax.
​​​​​​​According to the Austrian Employment of Foreign Nationals Act it is unfortunately not possible to assign graduate work to third-country citizens (Non-EU citizens) who study at a university abroad.


Martin Ringdorfer
Lead Engineer System Safety Engineering / DSF
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