Test Facilities Haninge & Södertälje, Sweden

Location: AVL MTC & SPEAB Scandinavia, Sweden
Notified Technical Service and Holder of Significant Accreditations

AVL MTC Holder of Significant Accreditations

MTC has been in the AVL-group since 2002. In 2008 we acquired SPEAB, the former GM Powertrain Engine Development Plant in Södertälje. AVL Scandinavia differentiates itself through its unique combination of

  • Long experience in engine development from concept to production
  • In-house powertrain / engine control system
  • Alternative fuel competence
  • Local engineering capacity
  • Local testbeds, engine and vehicle integration workshops

Skill Areas and Services

  • Alternative fuels & powertrains
  • Engine design
  • Powertrain development
  • Simulation & analysis
  • Software and function development
  • Resident engineering
  • Emission development
  • Certification & Homologation Compliance


Light duty testbeds up to 350 kW
Asynchronous dynamometer

  • Up to 800 Nm
  • Up to 10 000 rpm

Heavy duty testbeds up to 660 kW
Asynchronous dynamometer

  • Up to 4 400 Nm
  • Up to 3 500 rpm

Chassis dynos
For application & certification

  • LD chassis dynos (cold chambers)
  • HD chassis dyno
  • MC chassis dyno

Emissions Measurement
Pre- and post-catalyst raw gas analysis, diluted & CVS bag emissions, fast FID, on-board emission measurements, full and partial flow gravimetric particle measurement, particle number measurement (PMP), particle size distribution, FTIR, mass spectrometer, smoke meter, opacimeter, micro soot sensor

Air mass, flow, lambda, cylinder pressure, pressure, temperature, vibration, blow-by, oil consumption and vibration measurements

Combustion air, water, oil, fuel and charge-air conditioning thermo shock & intense cooling

Testbed automation
Steady state and high dynamic testbeds equipped with e.g. PUMA, ISAC, CAMEO, INCA & other ECU application software

Data analysis
AVL Concerto


Alternative Fuels

Long experience in Flex fuel and Bi-fuel engineering.


Over 15 years experience of implementing SW for engine management into serial production projects. Successful rapid transfer from concept to serial production.

Dynamic Heavy Duty Transmission

Heavy duty transmission testbed with possibility to load 800 kW and 5.500 Nm or maximum 21 kNm with reduction gear box.

Single Cylinder Testbed

Light duty single cylinder testbed with forced induction capability.

Certification & Regulation Compliance

  • EC tests
  • Japan TRIAS tests
  • In-service vehicles (IUC)
  • Conformity of production
  • Certification of components