Vehicle System Development

Innovative solutions across all vehicle systems

The technical complexity of a complete vehicle and its subsystems, such as the powertrain, electrics and electronics, thermal management, chassis, body and driving assistance systems, is rapidly increasing. This is due to the rapidly growing complexity of these mechatronic systems by more and more integrative solutions.

Furthermore, the speed of innovation and the last-minute changes that are required during development demand a highly flexible team and a highly agile development process. The system itself needs highest down and up-scalability, meeting engineering, manufacturing, assembly and cost targets, and needs to be sustainable for two or more life cycles.

By merely focusing on vehicle systems or even subsystems without considering their interactions would not be an effective approach to integration. This is where our complete vehicle and our vehicle systems offerings comes in.

Our Offering

We offer a wide range of services within the vehicle area, beginning with vehicle and platform concept development and powertrain integration projects, all the way to specific vehicle function and system development. We offer these services within the fields of electrics/electronics, chassis, powertrain, body, ADAS, thermal management and HVAC. With our proven global expertise, we can design, simulate, validate and industrialize solutions from the ideation phase up to the start of production. Where there appears to be no solution, we find the physics to make it happen.

Be it passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we offer functional safety, active and passive safety, cyber security, predictive controls, advanced energy management and more. We do this in order to put you in the position to offer leading-edge vehicle performance and vehicle uptime at a competitive price.

Our product development process up to SOP is cost optimized with a short time-to-market. This is achieved by using model-based development methods, saving you time and requiring less prototypes. Our core competence lies in managing a high variety of vehicle and powertrain types, from passenger cars to heavy-duty commercial vehicles and everything in between.

Why AVL?

We are a highly motivated global vehicle team with an average of more than 20 years’ experience dealing with the complete vehicle and system development. In cooperation with our broad engineering supplier network we are able to develop innovative, sustainable systems and functions from the ideation phase until SOP.

When required, we show our innovative solutions by running quick feasibility/concept studies. We prove our concepts using demonstrator vehicles and systems. Base is our very strong backbone in AVL’s systems engineering approach on all levels – from entire vehicle to system and subsystem level until component level. In addition, we use our proven agile development process for all vehicle and system development activities.

AVL is your reliable engineering partner for innovative and sustainable solutions – for us the best is not even enough. We always strive for better.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced need for real testing and physical prototypes thanks to our virtual development approach
  • Our frontloading approach saves you time and money
  • Highest possible quality based on long-time experience in simulation, advanced technology and vehicle integration
  • Comprehensive knowledge in vehicle systems (chassis, body, thermal and HVAC, electric/electronics, powertrain)
  • ​​​​​​​Innovative solutions and leading technology thanks to extensive research and development