Pressure sensor for combustion analysis

Sensor ZI45

The industry benchmark in M14 spark plug sensors

The AVL sensor ZI45 is a spark plug with an integrated combustion pressure sensor. It is designed for research and development tasks in spark plug bores and it has a spark function with an electric strength of 45 kV.

This new M14 piezoelectric sensor has 0.0mm eccentricity at the center electrode, allowing ignition to behave in the same manner as a conventional spark plug. The sensor membrane has been redesigned, and an increased ceramic diameter maximizes the electric strength of the insulator, which is manufactured by Bosch.

The result is a high-performance combustion sensor with the highest level of reliability. Furthermore, it can be equipped with SIC for SDM.

Scope of Supply

  • Sensor ZI45
  • Piezo-input cable CI33-1
  • Coupling CC41
  • Gasket SG06
  • Accessory kit (protection cap + 2 O-rings)
  • Calibration sheet
  • Documentation

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