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The all-in-one solution

2 Wheeler Compact Test Systems

Testing solutions for 2 wheelers

Thanks to its multi-configuration testing capabilities, the AVL 2 Wheeler Compact Test System is the most flexible testing product on the market. Our all-in-one solution cuts costs, reduces development time, keeps CO2 emission levels in check, and meets all market demands.

Why Choose AVL?

With our AVL PUMA Open™ automation system we can ensure a model-based development approach. Its automation and real-time simulation framework enable highly efficient 2 wheeler powertrain testing. Our innovative transmission provides the optimum speed-to-torque ratio for each test application and the adjustable Unit-Under-Test (UUT) table makes accurate shaft alignment possible. Furthermore, our specific cooling systems keep the engine in a conditioned state.

Further benefits of the AVL approach include:

  • Large variety of applications: one flexible test system for engine, powerpack and vehicle testing
  • Precise simulation: With our model-based simulation approach you can independently perform full vehicle tests at the development stage
  • Predict real-world data on the testbed: realistic operating maneuvers can be modelled thanks to a low-inertia testbed and real-time simulation


Test Factory Utilities for 2 Wheeler Testing

Inertia simulation is available from 5kg up to 450kg for speeds up to 250km/h and covers Euro 6 and Tier4 emission standards.


Global Capabilities for Development Tasks

Facilities for 2 wheeler testing at global AVL tech center locations:

  • Engine testbeds
  • Chassis dyno testbeds
  • Ports flow and other component test rigs