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Develop, Test and Validate

AVL E-Motor TS™

AVL has a great deal of experience in the development of e-motor test systems and continues to lead the way. This garnered know-how is put into practice as we develop, test, verify and validate different electric motor types all on one testbed, including Belt Starter Generator (BSG), Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and axle drives.

It determines and analyzes the electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics of the e-motor and is available as a standardized system or as a customized solution.

Key Benefits

  • Run functionality, reliability, endurance and cold start tests under real operating conditions.
  • High control accuracy and outstanding dynamic performance
  • Dynamometers up to 25,000 rpm
  • Flexible and modular design with matched and tested components
  • Virtual proving ground concept based on AVL InMotion 4™
  • Global distribution and service network