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The latest technology and comprehensive know-how

Compact Engines and 2 Wheelers

Bringing a wealth of experience to small engine applications

When we think about the powertrain, cars and trucks normally spring to mind. Yet there is a massive global market for smaller engines – in motorcycles, scooters, and recreational products used on water, land and in the air. Small engine products are attractive to mass audiences due to their low initial investment and running costs. However, we still expect them to deliver in the same ways as their bigger cousins. This means high performance, high quality, and low emissions.

A Unified Approach to System Development

At AVL we bring the experience we gained over seven decades of automotive development to all market segments. With all new products focused on reliably delivering the best results at a minimum cost, we aim to meet all customer expectations. This includes targets relating to emissions and fuel economy.

But it’s not just about building engines. It’s about optimizing each component and system to deliver the best performance, and bringing together intelligently to deliver synergies that further support your goals.

We utilize our technological and development know-how, as well as our global infrastructure of resources, to support OEMs from concept to series product industrialization. Optimizing workflows to reduce development loops, manage complexity and deliver robust results, we cover the entire process.

Small Engines for all Applications

We have designed our engineering and testing services specially for compact engines and 2 wheeler applications. They can be applied to a range of use cases including:

  • Motorcycles and scooters, including hybrid and electric bikes
  • 3 and 4-wheeled on and off-road vehicles
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles
  • Marine engines such as Personal Water Craft (PWC) and outboard engines
  • Aviation and light aircraft engines
  • Engines for powered handheld tools and utility systems
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units

All our solutions cover complete system integration for power unit, transmission and electronic controls. And we can apply them from concept through to series production.

Solutions for a Global Market

Thanks to our global network of experts and strategically located facilities, we can support OEMs with their development projects anywhere in the world. With more than a thousand engine and powertrain projects under our belt, we can deliver value in any aspect of system development. Our comprehensive portfolio of services and our experience enables synergies to be found even in small-budget projects, such as motorbike development applications.

Our comprehensive package of services, products and methodologies allow us to be a one-stop-shop for our customers. From standard to advanced concepts, single prototype procurement and even large quantity series production support, we can help with it all.

Our full-service solutions cover all aspects of development, including simulation and emissions testing on the road and on the testbed. Such a comprehensive offering makes us the industry’s preferred partner in many areas of development.