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Test Factory Utilities for Two-Wheeler Testing

Inertia simulation is available from 5kg up to 450kg for speeds up to 250km/h and covering Euro 6 and Tier4 emission standards.

AVL Approach

Global capabilities for development tasks 

Facilities for 2-Wheeler testing at all TechCenter locations:

  • Engine testbeds
  • Chassis dyno testbeds
  • Fully equipped for the measurement of worldwide emission legislation limits
  • Shed testing
  • Flow rig

Vehicle chassis dyno test beds 

  • Graz Climatic & emission CD,  up to 200 km/h
  • Graz Function & emission CD, up to 250 km/h
  • MTC Single roller, inertia simulation 100 – 450kg, 37.8 kW, up to 160 km/h
  • ITC Single roller, axle load up to 400kg, up to 160 km/h

Emission Measurements

Raw gas, pre & post catalyst, FTIR, mass spectrometer, smoke meter, opacimeter, 
particle counter, micro soot sensor, gravimetric particle measurement, CVS, 
chemical analysis of fuel, lubricants and emissions (particulates)