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Press Release: AVL Future Hybrid 8 Mode – Higher Efficiency in Second-Generation DHT

With its AVL Future Hybrid 8 Mode Transmission, AVL continues the dedicated hybrid transmission's story of success. With enhanced functionality, the compact and versatile 8 mode hybrid transmission is a cost-efficient solution for the growing number of hybrid vehicles – also for more powerful vehicles.

Following the introduction of the AVL Future Hybrid 7 Mode, AVL has now come up with the second generation of its innovative transmission solution: the AVL Future Hybrid 8 Mode, which can also be used for more powerful vehicles such as SUVs. The number of hybrid vehicles sold until 2020 is expected to rise sharply, not least due to the ever more stringent CO2 emissions limits.

With the aid of its integrated approach to powertrain development, AVL has succeeded in developing a cost-efficient alternative to add-on hybrid solutions, allowing automakers to master the future challenges of lowering product costs and meeting CO2 objectives efficiently in the coming years. The most outstanding feature of the new hybrid transmission is that the e-motor is not simply added as a further powertrain component but incorporated as an integral element, which takes over transmission functionalities. Expensive launch elements or the reverse gear are thus no longer needed and can be replaced with the e-motor. This, of course, has a favorable effect on vehicle weight, installation space and product costs.

Improved driving comfort, higher flexibility and enhanced functionality

The AVL Future Hybrid 8 Mode Transmission consists of four shift elements – two clutches and two brakes. With its four shift elements and a modified Ravigneaux planetary gear set, the new transmission solution features five hybrid modes as well as two fully electric and one eCVT operating mode. Alternatively, the transmission concept is also very suitable for longitudinal and AWD applications.

The technology marks a huge progress in automated transmissions since it is a compact and very cost-efficient solution.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and test engineering of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmissions, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and large engines. AVL has more than 8050 employees all over the world. In 2015, sales revenues reached EUR 1.27 billion.