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AVL's Next-Generation Particle Counter

With its new APCplus particle counter, AVL presents a compact, smart and easy- to-maintain measuring device for the steadily growing requirements in test facilities. The two instrument lines, ADVANCED and CERTIFICATION, each offer the range of features optimized for their application areas. The APCplus once again confirms AVL's position as a global market leader for high-precision particle measuring equipment.

Particle number measurement has become a firmly established factor in the automotive development process. Its purpose is to measure the harmful solid particles within a range between 23 nanometers and 1 micrometer. To further advance the already successfully established AVL Particle Counter – of which the global installed base has exceeded 700 – AVL teamed up with chosen development partners to analyze how customers were specifically using the measuring device. The results were incorporated into a number of measures to develop the product further. Alongside the need for maximum sensitivity in measuring vehicles belonging to the Euro 6 emission class with particle filters, further aspects moved to the center of interest, such as efficient operation at maximum test facility utilization and the best possible reproduction of recorded real-world road tests on the test bed. In addition, the analysis revealed a shift in the application area from the chassis dynamometer with CVS system (APCplus CERTIFICATION) to the engine test bed with raw exhaust emissions (APCplus ADVANCED).

Smart for improved efficiency & RDE ready

The APCplus comes with an extensive range of smart self-diagnosis features that guarantee smooth operation and high instrument availability at the test facility. Optimum accessibility, smart quick-change systems and highly efficient pre-filters for reduced deposits in heavy-duty components of the exhaust system make a lasting contribution to reducing operating costs.

And even when it comes to meeting the current development targets for the upcoming emission legislation Euro 6c, which, for the first time, requires particle number measurement in real driving operation (real driving emissions, RDE), the APCplus offers a host of advantages, including the clearly accelerated digital data communication provided by the APCplus allows the optimal resolution of dynamic events and emission peaks. Apart from that, a heated sampling line with diagnosis function at the sample inlet ensures safe operation at short-term temperatures of up to 1,000 °C and pressures of up to 2,000 mbar. All of this shows that the APCplus rightly deserves the label "RDE ready".

The ever more stringent emission regulations and the social pressure to reduce vehicle emissions have raised the demands on vehicle and measuring equipment manufacturers. The new-generation particle number measuring technology from the global market leader AVL addresses both current and future needs in the advanced development of passenger cars and trucks and is thus a future-proof investment in measuring technology – fully in line with the motto: "APCplus  – taking particle measuring technology one step further."

AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing technology of powertrain systems (hybrid, internal combustion engines,

transmission, electric motors, batteries and software) for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. AVL has more than 7,470 employees all over the world. In 2014, sales revenues reached EUR 1.15 billion.


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