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MSSplus- AVL Micro Soot Sensor: High-End Particle Measurement

With the new MSSplus, AVL introduces an intelligent, compact and easy to maintain soot measurement device that meets the steadily increasing demands on test beds. The MSSplus, alongside its new features, offers several improvements, proving AVL's position as the global market leader for highprecision particle measurement technology.

The AVL Micro Soot Sensor was launched in 2004 and has already been sold more than 1200 times. The device evolved into a globally established standard for the measurement of combustion engine soot emissions. It has established itself as an important R&D tool for engine combustion optimization, as well as for the development of exhaust aftertreatment systems not only at all major OEMs and their suppliers, but also at all significant legal institutions (EU, USA, Asia) around the globe. Thanks to the customer feedback, advanced application requirements and the experience gained over the last decade, AVL was able to improve the Micro Soot Sensor's functionality. All these features are packed in a newly developed device generation, now called MSSplus.

As the only measurement system on the market MSSplus determines the concentration of soot as a direct measurement value

Soot emissions have a significant influence on the total emissions of combustion engines. Therefore, they are not only a matter of political, public and scientific discussions but also an important indicator for research and development.

The MSSplus is the only measurement system on the market that is able to determine the concentration of soot as a direct measurement value without any cross-sensitivity to other exhaust components like hydrocarbons, sulfates or NO2. The device operates based on the principle of photoacoustic measurement. In this method, the absorbing gas with its black soot particles is being irradiated with modulated light. The periodic warming and cooling, thus expansion and contraction of the carrier gas produce a sound wave, which is then detected by a microphone. Clean air does not produce a signal, whereas sootladen air or exhaust gas amplifies the signal in proportion to the concentration of soot in the measured volume.

MSSplus – New Features

Thanks to the design of the measurement cell and enhanced electronics of the MSSplus a particularly low detection limit of 1 μg/m3 in combination with a reduced signal noise can be achieved. However, the MSSplus has also been refined for the measurement of raw exhaust gas – with the integration of an automated thermophoretic loss compensation (TLC). The TLC function mathematically compensates for the particle losses resulting from thermophoretic deposition at the sample point and enables an automatic calculation, display and logging of the loss corrected soot signal. Through the implementation of an internal leak check, corrosion resistant stainless steel valves and a simplified measurement cell mounting it was possible to reduce the maintenance effort significantly.

The numerous smart solutions in combination with the reliable and well established function principle make the MSSplus an indispensable measurement device – no matter if testing takes place on the test bed or on board a vehicle for RDE measurements.

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