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New Standards for Intelligent Emission Testing

The AVL iGENERATION Series II takes emission testing to the next level and sets new standards for intelligent and intuitive emission measurement systems. The AVL Series II brings together customer feedback and requirements, collected since the product's launch in 2007, improving the use of intelligent technologies for smart R&D and certification emission testing according to current worldwide emission regulations.

Benchmark for Emission Measuring Systems redefined

Over the last seven years, the AVL iGENERATION product line has been redefining the benchmark for emission measuring systems – especially with regard to the consistent platform technology and performance, as well as the related automation systems for engine and chassis dyno test beds. The impressive sales around the globe and the large installed base of emission measuring and automation systems have confirmed this success.

Now every aspect related to emission testing has been improved for the new iGENERATION Series II, which comprises the AMA i60 SII, CVS i60 SII, PSS i60 SII and SESAM i60 FT SII. The Series II emission measuring systems cover an extended portfolio of robust gas analyzers. Special attention was given to the improvement of detection limits, response times, serviceability and cost of ownership. An extended valve manifold with an increased number of phases strongly optimizes the CVS i60 SII full flow dilution system to run test cycles for HEV/PHEV applications. The new FTIR i60 spectrometer with its specially enhanced gas cell provides better detection limits and faster response times at lower sample flow rates. Spectrometer serviceability and down times of critical components were substantially improved so that the FTIR spectrometer now comes with 3 years warranty.

The fully revised iGEM device control software platform features an intuitive interface, supports all essential service and diagnosis functions and issues warnings in case of pending maintenance intervals. The Quality Center iQ is a new diagnostic tool for monitoring freely selectable variables. It also has a statistical and historical evaluation feature for calibration and check data.

Thanks to the latest technology and compliance to current and upcoming emission regulations, the AVL iGENERATION Series II and the flexible emission automation system are a safe investment for the future.

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