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Press Release: AVL AMA SL™ - A New Dimension of Exhaust Emission Testing

The brand-new AVL AMA SL™ completely redefines the status quo of exhaust emission testing: The latest member of the AVL AMA product line excels with its minimalistic system design. Requiring only minimal flow rates to achieve high-precision measuring results, it is significantly more energy-efficient and maintenance-friendly than conventional systems. Featuring a large and dynamic measuring range, the AVL AMA SL™ analyzes up to eight different exhaust gas components, and optionally determines the exhaust return rate (EGR). AVL introduced its revolutionary new exhaust measurement system to the global public during the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart.

"The first thing we did when we developed the new AVL AMA SL™ was to examine all of its components, such as the analyzers, pumps, lines, filters and valves, to see whether we could either optimize them or reduce their number. And that's basically how AVL managed to design an emission test bench that not only has much lower maintenance needs but also takes up about a third of the space a conventional system requires," explains Konrad Hinterhofer, Managing Director of AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH.

Ever more stringent emission legislations with new and longer test cycles, along with the growing complexity of engine and powertrain testbeds all place high demands on emission testing technology. Due to the resultant large number of necessary measuring systems, system operation represents a significant cost factor. The systems' efficiency depends on highly stable operation, reliable measuring results and user-friendly servicing concepts. Accordingly, efficient testbed operation requires a minimum of maintenance and as few timeconsuming and costly test runs as possible for each measuring task. Its smart design makes the AVL AMA SL™ the perfect solution to meet such complex demands. Thanks to a consistent reduction and minimization of components, the exhaust emission measurement system has a very small footprint with a depth of 30 cm, opening up new possibilities in test center design. At the same time, the AVL AMA SL™ delivers absolutely precise measuring results that require only the smallest volumes of gas. Consequently, the engine and the exhaust gas aftertreatment system are in no way affected by the sample extraction, resulting in the absence of expensive and redundant test runs. As the sampling amount is up to 90% lower, the system is also ideally suited for smaller engines – for example hybrid vehicles or motorcycles. Moreover, the AVL AMA SL™ is independent of the type of fuel, which makes it an ideal choice for the development and certification of internal combustion engines in accordance with all of the globally applied exhaust emission legislations.

On top of that, the AVL AMA SL™ has the advantage of low cost of ownership, as it consumes 40% less energy, and due to the reduced number of components the maintenance requirements are merely half as high as for conventional measuring systems. Owing to extra-low voltage supply, the system is also safely accessible during operation. This allows the staff to service an analyzer, for example, while the other analyzers continue to complete their test order. The AVL ActiveLink™ permits smooth and easy integration into the existing AVL PUMA Open 2™ testbed network at any time.

With its new AVL AMA SL™ exhaust measurement system, AVL sets new standards in exhaust emission testing equipment and once again demonstrates its innovation leadership.

About AVL Emission Test Systems
AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH, based in Neuss and Gaggenau, employs more than 300 people in Germany, and has been manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art exhaust emission technology for engines and vehicles for more than 40 years.

About AVL
AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and test engineering of drive systems (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric motors, batteries and software) for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and large engines. AVL has more than 8,600 employees all over the world. In 2016, sales revenues reached EUR 1.4 billion.