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AVL List, Holding Graz and City of Graz

Press Release: Graz Bus Lines on Course for the Zero-Emission Vehicle

Climate-neutral electric mobility has a key role in shaping tomorrow’s public transport. With support from the City of Graz, AVL carried out a fleet monitoring and fleet analysis on Graz bus lines as part of a project carried out in cooperation with Holding Graz. The object was to define the requirements for the transition to ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles.

AVL fitted two articulated and two normal buses with extensive instrumentation. The measuring data were then recorded and assessed over a period of six months. The monitoring included a comprehensive load-energy analysis, with factors such as the number of kilometers driven, temperature levels, the time of day and the number of passengers on all bus lines in Graz serving as a basis for the evaluation.

Measurements to continue until at least late August 2020

Apart from analyses of a variety of systems (vehicle, doors, powertrain, air-conditioning, heating, etc.), the project included the creation and optimization of a simulation model, along with a detailed assessment of the results. Talks are underway to continue these measurements until at least the end of August 2020 to determine additional related data, e.g. further cooling and heating requirements in the passenger area. More simulations are needed to obtain information about the drive and charge concept, route management and planning, etc. The project’s aim is to use the measurements and simulations to derive the specific requirements to be met by bus suppliers and city infrastructure, so that in the future the citizens of Graz will have optimally designed electrified buses to travel in.


Prof. Helmut List, CEO AVL
The electrification of the automotive drive system is absolutely crucial to achieving carbon neutrality in future transportation. As a pioneer in innovative solutions, and as a global technology leader in the field of drive systems, AVL can draw on long-standing, in-depth expertise. We are pleased to support the City of Graz on its way to the Zero-Emission Vehicle and to help make sure this project is a success.

Mag. Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of the City of Graz
AVL is a leading company in Graz and one of the most innovative and research-intensive corporations in the automotive industry. This joint project gives Graz – a ‘climate innovation city’ – the opportunity to draw on local expertise to optimize public transport, making another big step towards zero emissions.

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Malik, Chairman of the Executive Board of Holding Graz
We are delighted that AVL List is participating in this project. The aim is to use the measurements and simulations to derive the specific requirements to be met by bus suppliers, so that in the future the citizens of Graz will have optimally designed electrified buses to travel in.

Mag. Barbara Muhr, Vorstandsdirektorin für Mobilität und Freizeit, Holding Graz
Using a simulation tool based on real values from ‘Graz Linien’ bus services, buses can be tested virtually on a computer, under Graz-specific conditions, long before they hit the streets. Fine-tuning becomes possible, e.g. regarding energy management, before the buses leave the factory. This gives Graz Linien practically tailor-made buses without needing to run long and cost-intensive operation phases beforehand.

Dr. Mihai Nica, Head of Department AVL Fleet Data Monitoring & Analytics Team
Using the recorded data, AVL simulated a range of electric buses with differing battery capacities. The analysis also covered the best operating strategies based on the timetable and differing route combinations.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric motors, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and stationary high-performance engines. AVL has more than 11,500 employees all over the world. In 2019, sales revenues reached EUR 1.97 billion.