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Press Release: Integrated E-Axle Systems for Urban Trucks

The growing number of access restrictions in urban regions poses challenges to vehicle manufacturers and operators of commercial vehicles in urban freight and passenger transportation. As a reliable partner with decades of experience, AVL offers integrated and cost-efficient electrification solutions that empower OEMs and end-customers to deliver continued high productivity in the years ahead.

In addition to the ever more stringent emission standards, more and more local authorities are considering the implementation of local access restriction schemes (low to zero-emission zones) for conventionally powered commercial vehicles in densely populated areas. This is will cause a sharp rise in the demand for electrified powertrains for trucks and buses. OEMs need to provide adequate vehicles that have no major effect on the costs, efficiency and, consequently, the profitability of commercial vehicles.

High efficiency thanks to reliable e-systems

AVL develops electric axle drive systems and specific battery systems for trucks and buses that are distinguished by their high level of modularity, scalability and easy integration into the overall system. Because of the low number of interfaces and the particularly space-saving integration of various sub-systems – such as electric motor, electronics, transmission, differential gear, axle, lubrication and cooling system – in the new e-axle, the system costs can be kept low without compromising on driving performance. At the same time, the new e-axle system achieves a good balance between vehicle weight, battery capacity, charging duration, driving range, durability, safety, system efficiency and product costs.

Its in-depth system and component expertise as well as cutting-edge development methods enable AVL to offer customized electrification solutions which allow speedy implementation for series production. The module-based solutions deliver cost, weight and installation space benefits and help OEMs substantially in meeting their need to respond flexibly to changing market requirements.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and test engineering of drive systems (hybrid, combustion engines, transmissions, electric motors, batteries and software) for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and large engines. AVL has more than 8,600 employees all over the world. In 2016, sales revenues reached EUR 1.4 billion.