Turbocharge your combustion CFD


The powerful combustion module is now accessible to more users

AVL TABKIN™ is a powerful module in the simulation and modelling landscape, and interacts natively with the popular AVL FIRE™ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool. However, the benefits of this flexible and dynamic CFD chemistry tabulation solution haven’t always been available to everyone.

Previously, TABKIN was only available to users of certain computer systems. But now that has changed.

Multi-Platform Development

In the past TABKIN’s look-up tables were only available on LINUX systems. This means that they weren’t accessible to those development engineers running their simulations on computers that run the Microsoft Windows operating system.

However, following requests to make TABKIN available to users of a wider range of operating systems, the newest release is now compatible with Windows machines. TABKIN 2019 R2 brings the module’s wide range of features to a larger audience. This means that whatever computer system you’re operating, you can benefit from the detailed chemistry tabulation that the plug-in offers.

TABKIN on Windows

TABKIN now runs on Windows, and it has already been proving its worth in a variety of applications. The porting of TABKIN to Windows has been successfully demonstrated in FIRE simulations of pressure, soot and NOx. The FIRE simulations were executed on Linux, whereas the TABKIN look-up tables were generated either on Linux or Windows. A deviation of just 1-2 % on the minor quantities like NOx and soot was achieved. This performance is considered highly satisfactory for two different operating systems like Linux and Windows.

User-Centric Design

This latest development further underscores our commitment to put the user at the heart of all our products. With a focus on simplicity, usability, and the wider availability of our products, we are driving innovation today, tomorrow, and in the future.

TABKIN on WINDOWS validation