Release Notes 2020 R2

Virtual Process Integration – Workflows and IT Services

Cloud based solutions

The cloud computing technology allows easy-to-use, on-demand, and scalable solutions. However, as with any other new and potentially disruptive technology, subtle integration into the product portfolio is essential.

We are happy to announce the first two cloud-based solutions as part of our AST product portfolio. And this is just a beginning. Together with our partners, such as Microsoft, we will use this technology to transform the way users experience our simulation tools.

Virtual HPC

Compute capacity is a critical resource for many engineering organizations. Often there is a need for a short-term availability of larger computing resources, which cannot be provided to your workplace in time. This topic is relevant not only for small start-up companies, but also for larger enterprises. Even if you have access to an on-premise HPC cluster, most probably it is occupied, and your calculation jobs must wait to be processed.

AST software, such as AVL CRUISE M™, Model.CONNECT and AVL FIRE M™ provides a REST API to fully scalable HPC service. This service manages container images of our software, licenses, and storage for models and results. Since the underlying protocol is HTTPS there is no need to perform any IT related configurations, for example, firewall rules.

Virtual HPC is hosted by AVL using Microsoft Azure subscriptions, but it can also be provisioned under customer’s Azure subscriptions or even on a bare metal at the customer premises.

Virtual HPC can be accessed from the standard AST GUI using the “Computing Resources” dialog, selecting the ‘JMS Cloud’ option and providing the URL and token. That’s it! The remaining workflow is the same as if you are submitting simulations on your local device. All results can be automatically downloaded to your local environment. However, if you want to automate this process, you can use the AST Python API from your computer or even directly the REST API with scripts written in your favorite programming language.

Virtual Apps

There are various use cases where installation and license setup for desktop applications can be cumbersome and tedious. Often the IT department must be involved as well and the whole process of finally using your favorite AST application can be prolonged. Wouldn’t be nice to get on-demand access to the AST application without any setup effort?

AVL is now providing a cloud-based solution where all AST products can be accessed and used without a need to perform any IT related configurations by using the standard HTTPS protocol. The solution is based on the Microsoft RemoteApp technology and applications are hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Based on the first discussion with AST sales personnel, a corresponding virtual hardware and AST software is provisioned, and you will gain access and credential information. After login, the AST software will be virtualized directly onto your computer. Since all the calculations and rendering is done on the server side, there are no special hardware requirements. You are also able to upload and download files from the server to your computer and vice versa.