Industry standard for nvPM mass instrument

AVL Micro Soot Sensor™ Aviation

The AVL Micro Soot Sensor Aviation is a system for the continuous measurement of lowest soot concentrations.

AVL Approach

The AVL Micro Soot Sensor Aviation works with the photo-acoustic principle and the chosen cell design (called the "resonant measuring cell") allows a detection limit of typically ~ 1 µg/m³. The MSS Aviation can be used for the measurement of non-volatile particulate matter mass concentration, as described in the AIR 6241.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Transient measurement of the soot-concentration [mg/m³]
  • Sensitive to soot (no interference to other components)
  • Soot concentration is directly determined from primary measurement value
  • High sensitivity (resolution 1μg/m³, detection limit 1μg/m³)
  • Large measurement range (0.001 – 50 mg/m³)
  • Easy check of the calibration factor with the included absorber window
  • Low maintenance effort

Technical Data

Measured value

Concentration of soot (mg/m³, μg/m³)

Measuring range

0,001 – 50 mg/m³

Display resolution

0,001 mg/m³

Detection limit

1 μg/m³

Turndown ratio

1 : 10.000

Data rate

Digital: 5Hz / Analog: 100 Hz

Rise time

≤ 1 sec

Operation temperature

5°C to 43°C

Exhaust inlet press. tolerance

-110 mbar to + 60 mbar

Probe / Bypass flow

~ 2 + 2 l/min


RS232, TCP/IP, digital I/O, analog I/O

Power supply

90...240 V AC, 50/60Hz, 500VA

Unit dimensions

Measuring unit: W x H x D ~ 19'' x 5HE x 530 mm

Pump unit: W x H x D ~ 19'' x 4HE x 320 mm

Unit weight

Measuring unit: ~ 20 kg

Pump unit: ~ 5 kg

Laser class

Class 1 laser product


Measuring Principle

Photo-acoustic measurement principle

The AVL Micro Soot Sensor is based on the photoacoustic measurement method. With this measurement method, the sample gas with "black", i.e. strongly absorbing soot particulates, is exposed to modulated light. The periodical warming and cooling and the resulting expansion and contraction of the carrier gas can be regarded as a sound wave and detected by means of microphones.