AIR6241 compliant sampling system

AVL Particle Sampling System Aviation

The AVL Particle Sampling System Aviation is a sampling and dilution system for the measurement of non-volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) mass and number concentrations in aircraft turbines according to AIR6241.

AVL Approach

The AVL Particle Sampling System Aviation (PSS Aviation) is based on the European Fixed PM Reference System design and consists of three main components:

  • Front-end box
  • 24 m self-regulated heating line
  • Back-end box

The front-end box includes all required components as described for the 3PTS (Particle Transfer System) according to SAE AIR6241 and is connected to the customer specific collection section. This section comprises the sample probe and a connection line.

The 24m self-regulated heating line (4PTS acc. to the SAE AIR 6241) connects the front-end box with the back-end box. Self-regulated heating segments ensure a constant temperature of 60±15 °C over the whole 24m heating line independently of the ambient temperature, e.g. -20 °C near the engine and +25 °C near the back-end box.

The back-end box trolley comprises the components described in 5PTS and the make-up flow unit. It provides an interface to the measurement instruments like the APC Aviation and MSS Aviation. In addition, a third device interface is available to connect other devices e.g. a size distribution instrument. An embedded CO2 analyser facilitates the calculation of the mass and number Emission Indices (EI).

AVL System Control Software Aviation

The AVL System Control Software Aviation (SCS Aviation) provides an easy and intuitive control of all system components via a single user interface. In addition to the sampling system, the nvPM instruments APC Aviation and MSS Aviation are easily integrated via a TCP/IP connection. The SCS Aviation offers:

  • All relevant data on a single screen
  • Automated functions and sequences enabling intuitive system operation
  • Limit monitoring of temperature, pressure and flow rate limits
  • Data recorders and a data browser

Analog and digital interfaces from the PSS Aviation facilitate the integration of additional components and provide an output of specific measurement and system data for an existing data acquisition system (DAS).

Benefits at a Glance

  • An AIR6241 compliant industrialized solution based on the European Fixed PM Reference System design
  • Ensures highest efficiency for increasing complexity of turbine testing and certification

Ensures convenient and efficient system operation:

  • Easy selection of various defined system states with one command, e.g. leak check or purging
  • Fully automated regulation of the pressure control valve and the diluent pre-heater
  • Control of all sampling system components via a single user interface including the APC Aviation and the MSS Aviation

Technical Data

Dimensions front-end box
450 x 432 x 1060 mm
Protection class front-end box
IP54, NEMA 12+
Dimensions back- end box trolley
W x H x D:
660 x 1140 x 830 mm
Weight front-end box
approx. 95 kg
Weight back-end box trolley
approx. 120 kg
Power supply
230 V / 32 A
Analog Interface
Digital I/O Interface
TCP/IP Interface