Experience the Harmony

Data processing power for electrification

With electrification becoming an ever-increasing part in the development process, both system complexity and the sheer amount of data are also multiplying rapidly. To keep on top of this, engineers need measurement tools that can handle multiple large data files at the same time. Enter AVL CONCERTO 5™.

Tried and Tested
With its open interfaces and integrated calculation functions, CONCERTO 5 is the central data correlation tool for a wide range of automation, simulation and measurement systems. CONCERTO 5 is already tried and tested in the field of conventional combustion engines, and this experience gives us a deep understanding of the benefits of this innovative and impactful tool.

How Does It Work?
CONCERTO 5 is the smart way to turn data into decision-relevant information and covers a wide range of applications – from batteries to e-motor/e-axles all the way to hybrid powertrains. Its automated harmonization of quantity names and units enable you to directly compare simulation and measurement data. You can also generate sophisticated reports and evaluations using interactive layout editing and shared libraries.

AVL CONCERTO 5 is used for multiple tasks in the development of electrified powertrains and vehicles – from battery cell, module and pack to e-motor/e-axle and hybrid applications.

Battery - Cell/Module/Pack Development:

  • Analyze performance and aging effects for multiple battery cells, modules and packs at the same time
  • Easily combine multiple measurements in one layout, graph and report
  • Automatically run calculations and reports in combination with Santorin MX


E-Motor / E-Axle:

  • Check plausibility of measurements and calculate KPIs in regard to current, voltage, and temperature for ECU calibration and verification tasks


Hybrid Powertrain /Vehicle:

  • Analyze and report the hybrid strategy of your control system with multiple measurements from the road, the chassis dyno and the simulation
  • Convert measurements to KPIs to be used to calibrate the ECU functions