Making sense of Big Data

Big Data for the Automotive Industry

AVL brings NorCom’s data solution to the automotive industry

During the development, verification and validation phases of vehicle manufacture, huge amounts of data are generated. Measurement data from road testing, vehicle and component testbeds or simulations – and from multiple projects and years – is a valuable asset. But this value can only be realized if these large data sets can be analysed in a fast, highly scalable way.

That’s why AVL has joined forces with NorCom Information Technology GmbH &Co., to bring the Big Data analytics platform DaSense to the automotive industry, enriched with AVL know-how, products and service offerings. These modular packages enable development engineers to manage data effectively, solve complex engineering tasks with machine learning and apply advanced analytics to aid goal setting and the meeting of targets.

By bringing these powerful solutions together we are enabling our customers to execute advanced analytics activities without needing to be a data scientist. Additionally, they help to reduce the number of required test drives and cut costs by finding relevant events in your existing data sets.

The available packages are:

AVL CONCERTO™ and NorCom DaSense

For engineers who have to run advanced analytics, the combination of these two powerful tools enables you to easily handle Big Data. Fast analytics delivered via an interface that is familiar and intuitive, it enables users to quickly and easily get the most value out of the vast amounts of data generated in the simulation, on the testbed, or on the test track.

AVL SANTORIN™ and NorCom DaSense

Combining our powerful ASAM ODS server solution with DaSense analytics, we bring multiple data sources and formats together in a manageable way and put it right at your fingertips. Metadata, measurement data, events and KPIs can all be searched, analysed and exploited for optimal results.

NorCom DaSense Standalone Solution

Scalable, flexible, and offering advanced analytics for AI and machine learning algorithms, DaSense handles Big Data easily and robustly. Whether it’s globally or locally generated data, this powerful data management software brings it together in one place where it can be used to paint a useful picture to aid and optimize development tasks.

DaSense Apps

We can also create custom-built apps based on NorCom DaSense and our automotive know-how. Designed specifically to meet your unique requirements, these tailored solutions bring the analytical power of two industry leaders to solve your Big Data challenges.

A concrete application of this Big Data Solution is in the fields of ADAS/AD. Testing autonomous driving functions requires a thorough analysis of complex environmental data. Furthermore, a fitting software solution has to meet additional Big Data challenges, such as huge data volumes and a large variety of data types and formats. Thus, we created the ADAS/AD Analytics platform to solve these challenges and ensure that the platform is a convenient interface for ADAS/AD engineers to use Big Data technology without having to be a data scientist.