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A scalable monitoring system for large-bore engines in operation.

AVL Solution

Continuous data evaluation with expert algorithms and upstream fault diagnosis results in accessible information and valuable warnings for optimum engine system performance.

Your Benefits

  • Combustion analysis by AVL EPOS™ is the starting point for a continuously developed diagnosis of the complete propulsion system (e. g. turbocharger, bearings, cooling system).
  • AVL EPOS™ can assist customers in their efforts to implement an intelligent, condition-based maintenance procedure.

AVL EPOS™ gathers a wide variety of operation and performance data and enables the reduction of the highly sophisticated information parameters from the overall engine system as well as its subsystems such as turbochargers to a simple traffic-light-style indicator.

 AVL Large Engines

Open engine condition analysis system

  • Permanent diagnosis of the engine and its subsystems during operation
  • Describing the engine status including specific information about cylinders and subsystems in an easily understandable way on different levels of information deepness
  • Warning issued in case the engine system runs into the risk of damage
  • Use of the gathered data for trend analysis
  • Prediction of realistic maintenance intervals for main and auxiliary engines
  • Monitoring of turbocharger fouling effects on compressor and turbine side, for example
  • Open system collects all necessary values
  • Automated report functionality


Open engine condition analysis system

  • Monitoring in online or offline mode of main propulsion engines as well as auxiliary engine systems
  • Warnings and trends are given concerning the following system components:
    • Intake manifold system
    • Fuel injection system
    • Overall combustion process
    • Liner/Piston group
    • Exhaust valves
    • Turbochargers
  • System includes AVL’s knowledge in large-bore engine applications
  • Expert algorithms for fault diagnosis
  • Adaptive to the different engine types (main propulsion engines, auxiliary engines), operating conditions (full-speed, half-speed, slow, dead slow operation and slow steaming) and boundary conditions (very high / low ambient temperature, very high / low ambient humidity)
  • AVL can provide the overall measurement chain including special durable and for heavy fuel oil operation designed Monitoring Cylinder-pressure Sensors , amplifiers and indicating systems.


The diagnosis algorithms

A symptom is the deviation of a cylinder- or engine-specific value from a reference value. Each fault shows its specific symptoms.
The different symptom identifications are based on

  • General physical dependencies
  • Expert knowledge
  • Process simulation (AVL BOOST™, AVL HYDSIM™, etc.)

The characteristic symptoms are assigned to each fault in order to get from the pure measurement to the simple classification of the respective cylinder state.
This approach enables AVL EPOS™ to provide very compact information for the user and avoids in the first place overloading with not relevant additional information.



Engine performance and optimization system

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General | Februar 2014