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Be one step ahead

AVL Maintenance Manager™

An innovative system to ensure your testing equipment is always available

The AVL Maintenance Manager™ is designed to improve the use of measurement devices and ensure your testing equipment is available throughout your engine, powertrain and vehicle development projects. It also helps you optimize device maintenance and make timely, fact-based investment decisions to increase operational efficiency throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Working with Highest Data Security

To increase data security, the in-use data generated by our measurement devices is transferred securely to the data management solution. Thanks to the system’s online equipment status information, you can respond quickly to requests from testing operations, taking targeted action to ensure high-quality measurement data. Our web-based solution reduces administrative expenses by avoiding costly in-house solutions. Furthermore, it offers you continuous updates, so you always enjoy the latest features.

Key Benefits

  • Up-to-date overview on the health condition of all connected devices
  • Detailed information about device issues and suggestions for remedies
  • Overview of device lifecycle status
  • Online-service with high data security and no maintenance costs

Let us support you by ensuring test equipment availability throughout all of your engine, powertrain and vehicle development projects. For further information, please contact your local AVL sales or service representative.