Calibrating Emotion



Objective calibration in modern hybrid vehicles and conventional powertrains is a challenge when it comes to subjective perceptions such as driveability.
To manage this, AVL SPA™ is the ideal solution to assess and optimize driveability and shift strategy offline, using more than 30 objective assessment criteria for a detailed analysis.

Increase Product Quality and Reduce Costs
AVL SPA™ visualizes the effects of calibration changes, which allows you to easily control the brand-specific driveability of a single vehicle or the entire fleet. It reduces workload and manpower requirements as well as the need for prototype vehicles and environmental tests. Thus, SPA™ increases product quality while reducing time and cost.

Reduce Development and Testing Time
Depending on the number of variants and calibration takeover levels, SPA™ enables you to reduce the time taken for the base shift line layout by up to 40%. As prototype vehicles aren’t required, you can start the shift strategy calibration at an earlier stage and easily transfer both shift strategy and driveability to different vehicle variants.