Battery Design Engineering

AVL offers sophisticated approaches which Fulfill key battery design requirements such as energy density, thermal, mechanical and serviceability.

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Hybrid powertrain applications combine the best of two worlds – with the right emphasis between combustion engine and e-motor (micro, mild or full hybrid) the achievement of stringent emission legislation and fuel consumption targets is possible. Within this context the optimal solution for a specific application does not only depend on targets for emissions, performance, efficiency, reliability and comfort, but also on its costs and its manufacturability. AVL's engineering approach takes...
AVL is a pioneer of electrification techniques for vehicle powertrains and is familiar with all actual and promising future technologies. One of the major design tasks of the AVL design team is to find and elaborate a powertrain concept that best meets the dedicated customer vehicle concept, as well as the profile of the potential user. AVL uses most modern simulation and design techniques for early concept evaluation and verification, taking into account all the relevant aspects for an...
Electric vehicles are no longer a trend but an established fact. In order to make the correct decision on which technological approach – BEV (battery electric vehicle) or REEV (range extended electric vehicle) - best meets the requirements of the market, the manufacturers specific boundary conditions and economic aspects have to be balanced with a multidisciplinary approach. For the design engineers at AVL this challenge is well known. To find the solution that meets best the required...
Sustainable and clean powertrains require the permanent design improvement of the traditional IC engine. Due to the increasing complexity between the interrelation of the IC engine, transmission, electric motor, battery and controls, a comprehensive development approach is also required to deliver market-tailored, competitive powertrain solutions on schedule.
Reduced CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption, optimized driveability and maximum safety are the main drivers for the design of modern passenger car powertrains – requirements that often collide with the increasing pressure on the manufacturers to reduce development and production costs as well as the time to market. Design is at the center of new powertrain development, integrating the often conflicting requirements to provide an overall solution and documenting that solution for repeatable...
The race does not wait until the car is ready - high performance products, continuous improvements and extreme time pressures are fundamental challenges in motorsports. Based on our long history of technology leadership for powertrain engineering, testing and simulation, AVL Design masters these challenges on the basis of a strong backbone organization that enables the setup of a multidisciplinary, autarchic and creative experts team that operates with the utmost confidentiality.

Cost-effective and modular

Battery development for On-Road and Off-Road applications

Development of future solutions – from grid to road

AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of battery development to support future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL offers customer-oriented, tailored solutions from systems engineering to provision of functional prototypes, development and validation of series production bound systems.

Best cost and high-performing

AVL Electrification solutions for trucks and buses

Smart hybrid and pure electric powertrains

AVL offers tailor-made powertrain solutions for all degrees of electrification. In order to achieve smart and cost-efficient solutions, AVL uses synergies between individual applications and experience gained from other industries. AVL is also able to provide hybrid and pure electric powertrains for system cost, weight and durability optimization to achieve CO2 and GHG legislation.

Enabling future EVs

Low-height battery for BEV sedan architectures

Functional development and testing of low height battery pack systems from concept to SOP

AVL's enhanced battery development enables the design and manufacturability of low height (>80 mm) batteries gaining enhanced drive comfort & NVH while seat position, basic design and vehicle range is comparable to a conventional sedan and coupe.