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AVL’s New Approach for Electrified Utility Vehicles


With increasingly stringent global emissions legislation, changing market attitudes towards the internal combustion engine, and the waning popularity of diesel even in municipal applications, electrification is increasingly being seen as a possible solution for utility vehicles. AVL has developed a new approach to make this a reality.

With smaller market size, the biggest hurdle for the development of e-tractors and other utility vehicles is component cost and managing wheel load and performance. This requires an innovative solution, and we have developed a modular approach that does away with the notion of simply replacing the ICE powertrain with an electrified version. Instead it reimagines the vehicle from the ground up.

Smaller vehicle form factors and modular design allows for the creation of a variety of vehicle types. By using the same cost-driving components for different vehicles in different configurations, savings can be made while still delivering power where it is needed.Electric drive modules, batteries or power electronics can be added to the base chassis to create vehicles suited for different applications. Hydraulic and pneumatic power units can be mixed-and-matched to fulfill different vehicle requirements.

This sophisticated modular approach allows performance and reliability to remain high while keeping costs low, and it reduces time-to-market. Additionally, we have decades of automotive development and testing experience in all global markets that can be applied to the development of such vehicle concepts, offering further benefits, savings and improvements.