Operating Logistics Officer m/f


For those seeking a structured, precise and process-oriented approach to work

Operating Logistics Officer m/f

"I like my work and love the daily challenges, both in my job and in vocational school."
- Peter, operating logistics officer, 1st year of apprenticeship

What's it all about?

Operating logistics officers are experts in warehousing.
Your main tasks include the ongoing monitoring of inventory, transportation of goods to the warehouse, putting goods on stock and taking them out, and the precise (electronic) recording of all stock movements.
Add to this work in accounting (cost accounting, calculation), preparation and processing of forms, templates and documents.

What you will learn

  • Accepting and checking incoming goods
  • Putting goods on stock, moving goods within the warehouse, taking goods out of store
  • Operating and maintaining technical equipment and facilities
  • Management, supervision and checking of stock
  • Making goods ready and dispatching them
  • Documentation; preparation and processing of relevant forms, templates and documents.

How long is the apprenticeship?

  • 3 years