BOOST™ Hydsim is a software tool for the dynamic analysis of non-stationary hydraulic and hydro-mechanical systems. It is based on the theory of one-dimensional fluid flow and vibration of multi-body systems. The main application area of BOOST™ Hydsim is the simulation of fuel injection.

AVL Approach

Historically, BOOST Hydsim has been developed for the simulation of diesel injection systems. Today, BOOST Hydsim is well suited for the modeling of gasoline, heavy oil, gas, alternative fuel injection etc. All types of common rail and other (e.g. unit, in-line pump) injection systems are covered. New applications such as hydraulic transmissions, valve trains and actuators have also been considered.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexible modeling technique, adapts to many applications.
  • Different solver types (fixed-step and variable-step).
  • Especially suitable for non-stationary high pressure systems.
  • Specific elements for diverse injection systems.
  • Integrated 1D optimization of system parameters.
  • Interface to AVL FIRE and BOOST Cycle Simulation.
  • Interface to Matlab®/Simulink® (API and DLL).
  • Fluid and solid property database.
  • Animation of nozzle flow and spray.
  • Reliability proven by continuous verification with measured data.


  • Fuel injection systems for diesel engines: common rail, in-line & unit pump and injectors.
  • Gasoline engine injection systems: direct & intake-port injection.
  • Alternative fuel injection systems.
  • Electro-hydraulic valve trains.
  • Servo-hydraulic systems, actuators.
  • Truck engine brake systems.

Capabilities and Features

  • Fluid mechanic simulation
  • Multi-body dynamic simulation
  • Hydraulic, mechanical and control elements are provided
  • Interface to Matlab®/Simulink®
  • Predefined set of results for each element
  • 2D post-processor integrated into the AVL Workspace
  • Interface to AVL FIRE
  • Interface to BOOST Cycle Simulation

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