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Connected thinking for better results

CONNECTED Toolchains

Perfectly synchronized AVL tools to solve specific development tasks

Today’s vehicle and component development process requires a large amount of increasingly complex and interdependent engineering tasks. OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and regulators face the challenge of managing this development effort and the associated high costs at typically low traceability and flexibility. A lot of effort is caused by cost intensive testing of prototypes in later development stages accompanied by non-traceable data-management along the development chain. AVL has a solution to tackle these issues.

Bridging the Gap between the Virtual and the Real World

AVL develops CONNECTED Toolchains as methodologies that combine testing, simulation, data-management and technological know-how to increase the efficiency of a development process in terms of quality, time and cost. By means of efficient “frontloading”, engineering tasks are shifted from expensive prototype testing on the road towards early development phases in a partly virtual environment.

We are developing CONNECTED Toolchains in a variety of different automotive areas, ranging from conventional powertrain applications to electrification and from component to system to vehicle level.