Tractor Engineering

Tractor Calibration

Verifying the functionality and the durability when developing a new product is essential to fulfill the needs and expectations of customers. AVL provides all the calibration methods and tools that are needed to perfectly tune tractors and get the entire powertrain management validated and calibrated in a holistic analysis and evaluation process.

AVL Approach

If you want to perfectly tune a vehicle and get the powertrain management calibrated, AVL offers all the tools you need. We calibrate all powertrain functions and support you by taking on your ideas and processing them to the level of serial production. AVL offers a perfect combination of services in order to make your work easier.

  • Shift quality development and calibration of power-shift and power-shuttle
  • Shift scheduling development and calibration
  • Interface and diagnosis development and calibration
  • Engine/transmission torque interface optimization
  • Drivability benchmarks
  • Calibration methodology training

Customer Benefits

The AVL group covers the whole spectrum of software development and calibration with 60 years of know-how purposed expressly for your verification and validation projects by using different calibration methods and tools.

  • The expertise to calibrate all elements, such as the internal combustion engine, transmission and control units as well as the electric motor and the battery in electrified powertrains
  • Holistic analysis and evaluation of the entire powertrain
  • Perfect quality of calibration provided by the cooperation of software tools, methodology development and processes as well as experience through mass calibration projects
  • Quick and optimal matched calibration project execution since all calibration skills are focused in one company
  • Calibration tools and methodology e.g. objective assessment of shift and shift
  • Calibration data management
  • Absolute confidentiality


  • Complete tractor development
  • Powertrain developments for tractors, trucks, construction equipment and industrial purpose
  • Numerous engine development projects for tier/ stage 3 and 4
  • Transmission projects from synchronized, CVT, power shift/shuttle, AMT to dual clutch systems
  • Development of control systems for engines, transmissions, integrated drivetrains and vehicle controls