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Vehicle Integration

From partnering with some of the world’s leading automotive brands, we have gained a lot of experience in system development, and we know how to effectively integrate these systems into the vehicle.

At AVL, our unique understanding of the whole automotive picture makes us the ideal partner for the complete vehicle integration process, from the concept stage and the start of production, all the way to the in-use phase. With our own unique vision, we intend to sustainably shape the future of vehicle integration. Our goal is to rethink mobility in order to meet the requirements of the coming decades, and integration plays a crucial role in this.

Working at AVL
Vehicle integration covers a wide range of diverse, challenging and exciting topics. These include, among other things, vehicle safety, fatigue testing (strength and stiffness) and optimizing acoustics and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Vehicle integration also includes the management of architecture, platform and geometric integration, as well as homologation, chassis design and even industrialization and the manufacturability of the vehicle.

The ultimate goal is to achieve systems that function perfectly when they are optimally integrated side-by-side, ready for vehicles to go into series production. It is a lot of responsibility, but collaborating with a large, highly skilled team of experts within each relevant field, you will have the support you need to flourish and deliver excellent solutions.

What You Bring to the Role
At AVL, we are shaping the future. While there is no blueprint for this, there are skills, traits and characteristics that are best suited to the task. To be a fitting candidate for a role in vehicle integration, you should already have some experience in product development. Our industry is demanding, so it is also essential that problem-solving and technical innovation get you excited. You should also have an independent working style and excellent communication skills. Technical know-how is also critical, but the ability to remain calm under pressure is just as important as specific domain expertise. With these skills, you can become part of a highly skilled team of experts in the field of vehicle integration.

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