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Sales and Business Development

AVL is the largest independent automotive development company and has a global footprint, with operations in Europe, North America, India, China and Japan. All of these regions have their own cultural expectations and legislative requirements. Working in these markets means understanding not only our comprehensive product portfolio but also the differing needs of our customers in these countries. Adapting to these requirements and taking them into consideration when developing your sales strategy is a vital part of this role.

Working at AVL
Within our sales and business development departments, it is your role to identify the short, medium and long-term needs of customers in the various markets we operate in. With this understanding, you will be required to push business area developments in order to support these customer needs.

You will be working with a large number of colleagues from around the globe, all of whom understand the requirements of our individual customers in great detail. Based on this information, you will help to shift our sales strategy and advance AVL high-tech innovation in the direction that best suits our customers’ challenges in the context of global, regional and individual market trends and worldwide automotive and climate regulations.

What You Bring to the Role
At AVL, our business is vast and complex. No aspect of automotive development is untouched by our business and our solution portfolio, making interdisciplinary thinking essential. For us, sales and business development are about more than generating revenue. These are about communicating, understanding and building relationships with the purpose of solving our customers’ current challenges. This lets us shape our business in order to solve their challenges tomorrow and in the future. That is why clear communication skills, both with your colleagues and our customers, is a key requirement for roles in sales and business development. You will also need to be fluent in both written and spoken English, as this is our preferred language.

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